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Sunday, January 1, 2012

"Swallowtail" art quilt

I'm on a roll! Adding one more photo of one of my butterfly wing series, this one of a swallowtail. All are 10" x 10". This one is now in a private collection.

"Spectactular Wings" art quilt

This is the second in my butterfly series. I just came across a calendar with some more wonderful images in it, which may inspire a few more works in the series.

New Year thoughts

Today is a wonderful day to plan some goals for the next 364 days to come.

I am excited about my upcoming show in April at the Lynchburg Art Club, and have a few weeks to make some new pieces for that.

I want to pursue some opportunities to show my works outside of my immediate area.

I plan to enter more shows at the regional and national levels this year.

Still considering a website, but want to be a more active blogger.

I recently made some small 10"x10" works of the details in butterfly wings. I draw my rendition of the segment I want to portray onto freezer paper, then cut it up to make pattern pieces. I used fusible applique to make these, and mounted them with velcro onto 1.5" deep cradled board that I paint black. I like the presentation, the piece stands out a bit from the wall and has more of a presence. For smaller pieces, I think framing or mounting helps the viewer perceive them as fine art.