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Friday, January 28, 2011

January 28, 2011

Light snow is falling this morning, but there are patches of blue sky peeking thru the clouds. My kitties prefer indoors today.

I had the opportunity to meet Neva Hart a couple of weeks ago. She is an AQS certified quilt appraiser from Hardy, VA, and I asked her to formally appraise a couple of my quilts. I am very impressed by her professionalism and would recommend her highly to anyone looking for an appraiser. email or

I am doing some more mixed media these days, and I tried out some Paperclay recently to make these little bird ornaments. Paperclay was very easy to work with, air-dries, takes paint beautifully. The little stockings are made with "cloth paper": bits of torn papers glued to a muslin base. Some use diluted Elmer's glue, I used diluted Aileen's Tacky Glue.

Freezer paper serves well as a base to construct this as it peels off nicely after it's dry. I laid down the muslin, painted over the whole surface with a layer of the diluted glue and a foam brush. Then I randomly laid down torn bits of tissue, junk mail, book pages and painted another layer of glue over everything, and let it dry. For my stockings, I just covered with a sheer layer of white gesso so you could still see thru it, and added some glitter glue dots after I had cut and sewn them together.

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