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Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2011

I got sidetracked last fall making some quilts for some soldiers in Afghanistan, and then some Christmas projects: sketchbooks, ornaments, small pieces. I'll upload photos over the next few days.

I finished this little piece on the left a few weeks ago, "Askew". It's about 7"W x 17"H, and I stitched it to a piece of fabric that I then stapled to the back of a stretched floating canvas. The canvas has angled sides so the piece seems to "float" away from the wall, and I like it. Have been playing with some improvisational piecing lately, instead of my usual applique.

However, I just finished this other piece on the right today, "Captured Hearts", which I will send off tomorrow for the Studio Art Quilt Associaton's traveling trunk show. This one is 10" x 10". I am working on a piece with hearts inspired by e e cummings' poem for a show here next month, so hearts are on my brain, and I made some extra Tyvek hearts for various other projects.

I painted the Tyvek with Lumiere paints, then cut out the hearts freehand, then took my trusty iron, sandwiched the heart between 2 sheets of release paper, and carefully heated away. The paint side was away from the surface of the iron in this case, as the Tyvek forms convex bubbles on the side away from the iron. I used some of my paint cloth (this is the cloth I use to clean my brushes and wipe up spills) and then stitched the hearts on with metallic thread.

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