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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rainbow Flowers in a Garden of Purple

Here is the other quilt I just finished. I couched yarns on a cotton background (started in a class with Carol Taylor), but didn't want to finish this as she had. I just bought a Pfaff needle felting machine and was playing around with it. I needle-felted some organza, more yarns, and roving in spirals on a stabilizer, cut the "flower heads" out, and sewed them onto the background. What fun!


  1. I love this piece. I also couch yarns and other things onto my pieces along with various machine stitches. I bought a felting machine but sold it because I was tired of the needles breaking! But now, I wish I had it back!

  2. realy lovely!
    I just bought myself a happylock and found a website in the Netherlands were they sell neadle in 4 sizes (cut from handfeltingneedle)
    Works great, they are much stronger than the standard needles.
    think its easy to cut of those needles yourself