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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Always a great feeling to finish another quilt, and this week I finished two! "Continuity" is the result of skinny inset blocks I started in a class with Carol Taylor. As I was playing with the layout, I realized I had several with the orange or the green in the center, and if I added a few pieces here and there, could make the lines continue through the length of the quilt. I turned one block sideways for a focal point. This is the first time I have tried facing such an irregular edge, and I am very pleased with how well it worked.

"Continuity" represents people in our lives, and how some are there from start to finish, and others come and go. Both groups are necessary and important to us. This will be a wedding gift for my niece.

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  1. Patty I love the concept of this quilt. I can see the patterns of our lives in it. So toughing. Thanks for sharing!