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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010

It's raining today, much needed. I pay so much more attention to the weather these days, now that we have this garden. I took this photo yesterday in the back yard before we lost the sun completely. I appreciate the rain, as it gives me an excuse to work in the studio instead of in the garden.

I'm starting work on a new series based on the doctor's white coat. The first one will be based on the Hippocratic Oath. I didn't realize there are several versions from original to modern. I had already planned to make the background primarily red because I like it, because of the contrast with white, and because red is the color of blood, without which there is no life. Then I learned just the other day that in chromotherapy, red represents healing and protection.

Chromotherapy is the science of using color for healing. Different colors have different effects:

  • white stimulates neurons
  • black calms
  • pink relieves stress
  • yellow eases depression
  • orange helps digestion
  • blue relaxes
  • green promotes serenity
  • purple soothes insomnia
  • red heals and protects

One can use colored lights, paint colors, the colors of cloth, gemstones, and the like. I think I will be using this symbolism more in my art.

May 11, 2010

Spring! I love it! I am daily amazed by the beauty everywhere I look. The irises and peonies seem especially beautiful this year. Maybe it's because of the snow we had this winter? Our garden seems more mature now, very rewarding. Mike saw an indigo bunting at the feeder yesterday.

The Lynchburg Art Club is holding a fundraiser in June, "Arts Anonymous". Artists donated 5 x 7" works in their chosen media (2D only), and all will be sold for $50 each. The anonymous part is that none of the works are signed on the front, so one doesn't know who created the piece until purchase. I made 3, and I'm one of the few fiber artists, so mine won't be so anonymous! You can view the pieces online in advance at Photos are not uploaded yet, but I will mention this again when they are ready.

This quilt is called "Ancient Beauty". I made this a couple of years ago. In 2007, we were part of the Lynchburg Garden Dayt tour. One of the garden club ladies made a boquet of hellebores in this vase we have in the garden. I took a photo, then transferred it onto cotton using Lesley Riley's Transfer Artist Paper ( Applique'd on some flowers and leaves, and some Etal, a metallic paper. The background is my own handpainted cotton.