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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Oath

I finished "The Oath" a few weeks ago, and am very pleased with how it turned out. I stamped phrases from the Hippocratic Oath on one of my doctor's white coats, and appliqued it on an improvisationally pieced background. Red symbolizes life, blood, healing!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fish on a Stick

My latest project. I started this over the winter, and finally assembled the pieces with wire and beads last week. I fused the fish to the background fabric, quilted it with metallic thread, couched some yarn to mimic seaweed, and then cut the whole piece up into 4"x6" tiles. Hung everything from a painted dowel, thus the fish on a stick! Glitter glue added some sparkle here and there. Fast2fuse in the middle for stiffness. I've made lots of postcards, but this is the first time I have put multiple small pieces together.

Lynchburg Art Festival

We had a gorgeous September day for the Lynchburg Art Festival last weekend. I had the morning sunlight which highlighted the quilting quite nicely, and then lovely afternoon shade. Approximately 130 artists from the region, and the quality of the art was quite impressive.

I was thrilled to have a quilt, Sunlight and Shadows, selected for the judge's fence. This is the quilt towards the center with rusty orange and gold leaves. Alas, no award, but still an honor. Also thrilled to sell a few pieces. I made these tags, which have care instructions on the back, to attach to each quilt. Even they attracted a lot of attention!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Goose Creek Studio

Patrick Ellis & Mitchell Bond at the Goose Creek Studio in Bedford, VA, purchased one of my quilts recently. They have a wonderful gallery and framing shop, and granted me permission to put this photo on my blog. They're hosting the Bald Knob Artists until Sept 4, 2010. I made this little quilt for a fundraiser for the Lynchburg Art Club. When I finished it, I looked at it and realized that those colors are certainly bright!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rainbow Flowers in a Garden of Purple

Here is the other quilt I just finished. I couched yarns on a cotton background (started in a class with Carol Taylor), but didn't want to finish this as she had. I just bought a Pfaff needle felting machine and was playing around with it. I needle-felted some organza, more yarns, and roving in spirals on a stabilizer, cut the "flower heads" out, and sewed them onto the background. What fun!


Always a great feeling to finish another quilt, and this week I finished two! "Continuity" is the result of skinny inset blocks I started in a class with Carol Taylor. As I was playing with the layout, I realized I had several with the orange or the green in the center, and if I added a few pieces here and there, could make the lines continue through the length of the quilt. I turned one block sideways for a focal point. This is the first time I have tried facing such an irregular edge, and I am very pleased with how well it worked.

"Continuity" represents people in our lives, and how some are there from start to finish, and others come and go. Both groups are necessary and important to us. This will be a wedding gift for my niece.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Post Expressions" Exhibit

I am sending 3 postcards off to Robin Willow Art Studio for the "Post Expressions" exhibit Aug 6-Sept 17, 2010, at LeFevre Hall, Ohio State University - Newark Campus. All entries are to be postcard-sized, 4x6". "Baa" is a photo transfer on Lutradur, "Dream Flower" is needle-felted organza and yarns, and "Golden Apple" started life as a paper napkin with a few embellishments. I like to use Fast2fuse as the stabilizer, it's fusible and firm, gives me a good feel for these small pieces.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Felting experiments

Earlier this month I was at the North Carolina Quilt Symposium in Charlotte, and bought a Pfaff Smart needle felting machine. I had to try it out when I got home, and made this little pin.
I started with a base of acrylic felt, then scrunched up some sheer ribbon around the edge and ran the machine over it as I went. Then I added some fibers and roving in the center, broke a needle and learned how to change it, and ended up with this! Some glitter glue for sparkle, and a pin back. My Mom has already claimed it. Very much fun, will enjoy trying more projects with it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010

It's raining today, much needed. I pay so much more attention to the weather these days, now that we have this garden. I took this photo yesterday in the back yard before we lost the sun completely. I appreciate the rain, as it gives me an excuse to work in the studio instead of in the garden.

I'm starting work on a new series based on the doctor's white coat. The first one will be based on the Hippocratic Oath. I didn't realize there are several versions from original to modern. I had already planned to make the background primarily red because I like it, because of the contrast with white, and because red is the color of blood, without which there is no life. Then I learned just the other day that in chromotherapy, red represents healing and protection.

Chromotherapy is the science of using color for healing. Different colors have different effects:

  • white stimulates neurons
  • black calms
  • pink relieves stress
  • yellow eases depression
  • orange helps digestion
  • blue relaxes
  • green promotes serenity
  • purple soothes insomnia
  • red heals and protects

One can use colored lights, paint colors, the colors of cloth, gemstones, and the like. I think I will be using this symbolism more in my art.

May 11, 2010

Spring! I love it! I am daily amazed by the beauty everywhere I look. The irises and peonies seem especially beautiful this year. Maybe it's because of the snow we had this winter? Our garden seems more mature now, very rewarding. Mike saw an indigo bunting at the feeder yesterday.

The Lynchburg Art Club is holding a fundraiser in June, "Arts Anonymous". Artists donated 5 x 7" works in their chosen media (2D only), and all will be sold for $50 each. The anonymous part is that none of the works are signed on the front, so one doesn't know who created the piece until purchase. I made 3, and I'm one of the few fiber artists, so mine won't be so anonymous! You can view the pieces online in advance at Photos are not uploaded yet, but I will mention this again when they are ready.

This quilt is called "Ancient Beauty". I made this a couple of years ago. In 2007, we were part of the Lynchburg Garden Dayt tour. One of the garden club ladies made a boquet of hellebores in this vase we have in the garden. I took a photo, then transferred it onto cotton using Lesley Riley's Transfer Artist Paper ( Applique'd on some flowers and leaves, and some Etal, a metallic paper. The background is my own handpainted cotton.